Vitamin Injections

Want to supercharge your health? Get a megadose of vitamins that you body can use instantly to increase energy, rev metabolism, enhance mood, and more! In order to get vitamin and nutrients from our food, our body has to put in a lot of energy into digestion and absorption. But due to our hectic lifestyles and nutrient deficient diets, our bodies struggle to get the vitamins they need. Injections into the muscle bypass digestion to quickly deliver vitamins to where they are needed the most. For best results, do weekly or biweekly injections for 4 weeks.

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b12 boost

Improve mood, memory, sleep and energy with a boost of 5,000 mcg of activated B12. This is a higher dose than most injections so that you get longer lasting benefits. This is also the most bioavailable form of B12.

Price: 1 shot $20; 4 shots $72 ; 8 shots $136

Fat Burner

Boost energy and fat metabolism with this combination of activated B12, methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine, B1 and B5. Note: this is not a magic weight loss solution. This can help you burn more fat if following an appropriate nutrition plan.

Price: 1 shot $30; 4 shots $108; 8 shots $204

Mega B

Boost metabolism, energy, mood, memory & more with a potent combination of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

Price: 1 shot $35; 4 shots $126; 8 shots $238

Vitamins are injected into the shoulder, thigh, or hip using a small needle. Most people only feel a small pinch upon injection. Even very needle phobic people tolerate these injections well!

Vitamin injections are not for everyone. Prior to any injections, your current health concerns, health history, medications, and supplements will be reviewed to make sure vitamin injections are safe and effective for you. Please complete the form below prior to coming to the office.

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What should I expect?

Most people experience a significant increase in energy after injections. Some people experience this energy boost as physical energy. They feel 10 years younger. Other people experience this as a mental boost, noticing that they are more focused, productive, and have more mental stamina. Other people notice sleeping better and waking up more refreshed. 

When will I get results?

Everyone responds differently to injections. Most people notice results that day, some within an hour. Some people notice an effect a few days later. Other people require multiple shots to start noticing results. I recommend doing biweekly injections for 2 weeks (4 shots total) to experience the full effects of the injections.

How long do results last?

Depends on the person. Results may last 1-4 days. 

For how long will I need injections?

Again, everyone is different. A general rule of thumb is to stop injections once you no longer receive benefit. Most people need 1-2 months of injections before reaching this point. After that, injections are helpful as needed (during times of increased stress, etc.) 

Are injections safe?

Yes, though there are potential risks. You may experience bleeding, irritation, redness, swelling, pain or bruising at the injection site. Most people barely feel the injection and after, you can't tell they had a needle in their skin. If you are receiving the Mega B injection, you may experience a temporary burning sensation at the injection site as a side effect of the B6. This may cause lingering nerve irritation that resolves within a few days. All safety information will be discussed prior to any injections.