How it works

  • When you book your appointment, fill out a short questionnaire online. This may take 10-15 minutes and is required before you book your appointment.

  • At the beginning of your appointment, we will discuss a few more details about your health concerns and your health goals.

  • Next, we will have a fairly detailed discussion of what might be the root cause of your complaints, what labs we may run, and general information about potential treatment and treatment timeline.

  • We will then make sure you understand pricing and insurance coverage.

  • Lastly, there will be time for questions.

  • If I do not think we are a good fit, I will provide you with some recommendations on what other practitioners/modalities may best serve you.

  • Note: no treatment advice will be given at this appointment.


Need to ask a quick question before you schedule?

Then please fill out the form below.

Just know that the Trial Appointment is designed to answer the specific questions about your case. So depending on your question, I may give you a quick response and reserve the comprehensive explanation for the Trial Appointment.

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