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Health Empowerment Program

The BioAdaptive Medicine Health Empowerment Program is more than a "health program". It is a health experience. Intensive. Immersive. Transformative. Designed to change the course of your health for the rest of your life. We will spend 6 months together getting to the root cause of your health issues and implementing a personalized, comprehensive natural treatment plan. Our goal will be to radically transform your health and liberate you from the burdens of your symptoms. This is health care to end all health care.

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Program Features

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Long Appointments

You will never be rushed during an appointment. I set aside 2 hours for your first appointment and up to 60 minutes for all subsequent appointments.


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Unlimited messaging 

Healing happens outside of the appointment. And it makes sense you might need help during this time. Offering email communication in between appointments.


Wholesale labs

Many basic labs are covered by insurance. But many advanced functional labs are not. I never mark up the cost of labs, so you always get the cheapest pricing.

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Additional Education

Get access to 10+ hours and counting of additional education & training to enhance your health care experience. Topics include Nutrition, Detox, Stress Management & more.

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Supplement discounts

Receive 35% off physician-grade supplements. These are the supplements with the cleanest formulations, the best quality ingredients, and therapeutic dosing.


unparalleled support

I go above and beyond to provide unparalleled support and a unique health care experience. Because my job isn't to tell you what to do. It is to teach you to be your own doctor.

Patient Testimonial


“I have been seeing Dr. Carly for 3 months now and I am so fortunate to have found her. I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 5 months earlier and was frustrated with the lack of treatment knowledge from my primary MD and the endocrinologist she sent me to. Dr. Carly offers a trial appointment to see if you are both compatible. From the first meeting I was very comfortable with her. She is very intelligent, knowledgeable, responsive and really cares about the well being of her patients. In just the short time I have been seeing her, my symptoms have improved greatly. Following the protocols she recommends are easy as you have access to your treatment plan any time you need it and for me, healing naturally makes the most sense. I trust Dr. Carly’s judgment and advice implicitly. Thank you for being a great doctor!”

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A sophisticated health care experience…

Enjoy convenient access to every aspect of your care through your custom patient portal. Everything is all in one place, accessible 24/7 from anywhere with a simple click. You can even download the app to get access on your phone.


instant messaging

Message me whenever, wherever.

See your upcoming appointments

No need to go searching through your email or text messages for the details of your upcoming appointment. Your next appointment is front and center on the app. Need to cancel or book another appointment? Easily do so with a few clicks.

Task reminders

Never forget when you are supposed to get your labs done or schedule a follow up with task reminders.

Protocols at a glance

Keep track of your current treatment plan with a simple summary of your current lifestyle recommendations and supplements. And keep your supplements organized with an easy to read supplement schedule.

Appointment notes

See your detailed appointment notes that summarizes absolutely everything we discussed. This always includes a detailed explanation of your current symptoms and lab results.

View and share documents

Easily upload old medical records or labs and access your new lab results, meal plans, and handouts.

Nutrition tracking

Track your nutrition goals by entering your daily meals into the food journal.

Mood & Symptom tracking

Keep track of other symptoms such as mood, changes in bowel movements and more with a few clicks.

Online programs

Get access to advanced health trainings so you can become your own health expert. Stop consulting with the unreliable Dr. Google and explore my vast knowledge base outside your appointments.

Virtual Visits

Skip the wait at the doctor’s office for acute concerns like allergies, cough, UTI, and more. Experience the convenience of a virtual visit. Simply complete the virtual visit form on your own time and I will get back to you ASAP with my recommendations.

Video Visits

Enjoy a doctor’s appointment from the convenience of your home, office, or wherever you are. Skip the hassle of taking time off of work or getting child care just to see your doctor.


How it Works


Initial Evaluation

Month 1

Start with a 2 hour evaluation to get to the bottom of your health concerns. We will review your health complaints, health history, associated symptoms, medications & supplements, diet, exercise, and stress management. We will discuss your goals & expectations, potential root causes, further workup including labs, and treamtent options. Lastly, we will get you started on a basic treatment plan to help you feel better.

Complete Labs

Month 1

At your Initial Evaluation, we will determine what labs will help us determine the root causes of your complaints. You will be given requisition forms and test kits to complete the labs. You may need to visit a blood draw location, schedule an appointment with our mobile phlebotomists, or collect your own samples for stool & urine tests.

Complete Virtual Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation

Month 1

While waiting for your lab results, which can take up to a month, we will begin working on the foundations of health. You will complete an online training to establish clear health goals and learn a system to successfully implement lifestyle changes. This will set the foundation of your success.

Lab Review

Month 2

Once we receive all your lab results, which may take 4+ weeks, we have a 60 minute appointment to thoroughly discuss your lab results and to get started on a targeted treatment plan to address the underlying causes of your complaints.

Follow Up

Every 8 Weeks

Approximately every 8 weeks, we will have a 60 minute follow up appointment to assess your progress, tweak your treatment plan, and dig deeper into the layers of your health. In between visits, I am easily accessible over email.

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Ready to get started?

Your next step is to book a 30 minute Trial Appointment for $25.

Book Trial Appointment

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More Information

Who This is for

This program is for women who are committed to drastically improving their health. What does that mean?

  • You are willing to spend a few hours in preparation for your first appointment. This includes electronically filling out questionnaires, completing a diet diary, collecting & sending old lab tests & medical records, reading forms, and watching orientation videos.

  • You are ready to be open & honest about your health & health history.

  • You are willingly to be a student of your health and body, listening during appointments, asking questions where needed, thoroughly reviewing your treatment plans, and continuing directed education outside your visits.

  • You are willingly to do the work. Change your diet, form new habits, break old habits, change your thought pattern, try new things, and follow supplement protocols.

  • You are ready to be accountable for your health. You are ready to take an honest look at your habits and put in the time, energy, and effort to fix what needs fixing to the best of your ability.

  • You are willingly to reach out when challenged and honestly explore your struggles, addressing any resistance and self-sabotaging.

  • You understand that it took you a long time to feel this poorly, so it will take time, energy, and effort to reverse the damage. You don't want to just suppress symptoms. You want to truly heal and restore balance to your body.

  • You are willing to commit at least 6 months to your health.

  • You understand that you, and only you, are responsible for your health. Nobody else can heal you.


Who this is not for

This program is not for women who are looking for someone else to be responsible for their health. What does this mean?

  • You are looking for a quick fix or magic pill.

  • You are not willing to make any lifestyle changes.

  • All you are willing to do is take some supplements.

  • You are not willing to put in time, energy, and effort to your care.

  • You are not willing to spend a few hours preparing for your first visit.

  • You are not interested in learning about your health. You just want someone to tell you what to do.

  • You expect the doctor to heal you.

  • You expect healing to be easy and will give up if it is too hard.

  • You are not willing to reach out and discuss when you feel challenged.

  • You expect healing to happen within a few weeks.

  • You plan on resuming lifestyle habits that were not serving you after you get results.

  • You are not willing to commit at least 6 month to working on your care.

There is nothing wrong with the above expectations. Conventional medicine, pharmaceutical companies, and even supplement companies have pushed the idea that health is as easy as popping a pill. Don't feel bad about having these expectations. But just know that they are not realistic expectations. Not if you want to truly heal. If you just want to suppress symptoms, then there is care that can do that. It just can't be found here. 


  • Initial Evaluation

  • Lab Review

  • Three Follow Ups

  • Virtual Visits and Phone Visits as needed in between appointments

I set aside a generous amount of time for each visit. We may not need to full time, but it is available if needed. The Initial Evaluation is up to 2 hours, the Lab Review is up to 60 minutes, and the follow up visits are up to 60 minutes. I charge per service, not time, so if your Initial Evaluation only takes 90 minutes, you do not get an additional 30 minutes at a later date.

email support

The majority of healing happens outside of the visit. And I will be there for you through email. Have a quick question? Email me. Want to modify your treatment plan? Email me. Confused about your treatment plan? Email me. Want to send me a quick update on your progress? Email me. Unlike many doctors, I ask and expect you to communicate with me. The more I know about what you are experiencing, the better I will be able to help you! 

lab testing


Common blood tests

  • Complete thyroid panel (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Antibodies)

  • Blood sugar study (Glucose, Insulin, HbA1c, Leptin)

  • Nutrients (Ferritin, Vitamin D, B12)

  • Sex hormones

  • Inflammation marker (hsCRP)

Functional Lab Testing

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis

  • Lactulose Breath Test

  • 4 point Cortisol

  • Organic Acids Test

  • Toxin Profile

  • Micronutrient Testing

Coverage of testing depends on your insurance plan. If your insurance does not cover labs, I have many solutions to get you the cheapest possible pricing, sometimes up to 90% off the retail price.


During the program you will have access to an online library of videos, articles, and handouts on various health topics (currently under construction). I have learned that the more you know as a patient, the quicker you heal. But there is simply not enough time during your visits to fully educate you so I have created an extensive collection of online resources to enhance your care.


Not all supplements are equal. Source, form, manufacturing, and quality control make the difference between a supplement that gets no results and a supplement that has a huge therapeutic impact. I offer access to and a 35% discount on physician-grade supplements that are potent and high quality. However, you are not obligated to buy your supplements through me.

Note: I make no money off of the sale of supplements through my online dispensary. I pass my profit to you in the form of the 35% discount so you can get the cheapest pricing.


I redefine what it means to be a doctor. I am not a white coat behind a computer monitor, but a mentor, a teacher, and when needed, a personal cheerleader, a hand holder, or a shoulder to cry on. Struggling with your health and looking for answers can be stressful, confusing, and even frightening. I am ready to shoulder much of the burden so you no longer have to worry or feel so alone in your health journey. I go above and beyond to make sure you fully understand your diagnosis and your treatment options. And I go above and beyond to offer the best care for you specifically. I do not rely on standard protocols. I am always researching, learning, and asking questions to refine and optimize your care. I want the best for you and I work hard to make that happen. My goal is to deliver an unparalleled health care experience. 


Below you will find the details about appointment pricing. Additional health care costs to consider when working with an ND are supplements, labs, and other forms of treatment. You will find some general pricing for some of those items below. At the Trial Appointment, I take the time to give you the best quote I can for labs and supplements so that you have a clear idea of what you will be paying in total.

Health Empowerment Program (6 Months)

total: $2000

Down payment: $200

Monthly payment: $300

At the Initial Evaluation, you will owe $200. You will then have 6 monthly payments of $300 that start 30 days after your Initial Evaluation.

Price includes appointments, email support, virtual visits, online resources, supplement discount, and all case management (prescription refills, medical records request, coordinating care, research, etc.). Price does NOT include labs and supplements.

Additional Appointments

If your case is more complex or intensive, you may require additional follow up visits during your first 6 months (rarely happens). Additional follow up visits are $200 per appointment during your first 6 months.

If your case requires more time, I offer a 6 month extension for $1200, paid in 6 monthly installments of $200. This includes 3 follow up visits and all additional support for 6 months.

Discounted Services

A perk of the Health Empowerment Program is discounts on additional services:

  • 35% off supplements through my online dispensary (I pass on my profit to you so you get the best discount)

  • Discounted or at cost vitamin injections (prices vary based on availability and pharmacy pricing)

  • CranioSacral Therapy $50 per session

  • Counseling $50 per session

  • Lifestyle Coaching $50 per session

Insurance Coverage

I am an out-of-network provider, so services will be covered at your plan's out-of-network rate. To learn more about your coverage:

  • Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

  • Ask if you have out-of-network coverage.

  • Find out if you have a deductible for out-of-network coverage and what percentage they will cover for out-of-network costs.

  • Find out if they will cover wellness visits, evaluation & management visits or both (this is important for me to know!).

  • Find out if they will cover labs ordered by out-of-network providers, if you have to meet a deductible, and what percentage they will cover.

  • For labs, ask if they have a preferred out-of-network lab.

  • Ask how you can submit your claim, making sure to get the correct forms and mailing address (they may tell you to have the doctor submit the claim, but you need to, so be sure to get all the info you need).

  • If they ask what a naturopathic doctor is, tell them a naturopathic doctor is a licensed primary care provider in the state of California.

You may also be able to use your HSA or FSA to pay for services. Contact your insurance company to learn more about how to use your money to pay for appointments, labs, and even prescribed supplements.

If you have out-of-network coverage, I will bill you at the time of service so you can maximize your reimbursement. You will be provided with a superbill with the necessary insurance codes and an invoice to submit to your insurance company. If your insurance company has additional forms, please bring those to the appointment. Make sure that the insurance company directs reimbursement to you and not to me. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel at anytime and just pay for services rendered. It’s that simple. Payment is determined by which appointments you have used and how much time has elapsed in your program.


You are responsible for paying the full cost of labs. I work very hard to provide you with the cheapest possible pricing for labs. Laboratory pricing varies significantly by lab and I take the time to compare so we get you the best price. Most doctors just use whatever lab is convenient to them and don’t consider the cost to their patient. I am willing to work with you, your insurance coverage, and your in-network doctor to get you the best pricing. Here are some of things I will do:

  • Provide you with access to labs at up to 90% off the retail pricing.

  • Write a letter to your in-network doctor to request labs for best coverage.

  • Provide you with codes so you can check insurance coverage.

  • Provide you insurance codes to submit to your insurance company to get reimbursed for cash labs.

At the Trial Appointment, I will give you a complete break down of pricing for the labs you may need.


Supplements typically cost $50-$150 a month for the first few months of treatment. Unlike many other health care professionals, I use supplements strategically with an understanding of physiology. What this means for you is that we can use fewer supplements for shorter duration and with greater results. I do my best to keep the expense for supplement as low as possible while still achieving therapeutic affect. And while I offer discounted access to physician-grade supplements, you are not required to buy your supplements through me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Program?

Because the traditional health care model is broken. I've spent years working in this model and it doesn't work. Doctors have to manage hundreds or even thousands of patients, which makes it very difficult for them to really connect with you and listen to your needs. So patients are not getting the care they deserve. A program solves many of these problems. It allows for truly personalized care, plenty of time with the doctor, and transparency in pricing. It also creates motivation through commitment. Health doesn't happen in an hour or even two. True healing takes time and a program gives us the time to truly transform your health. 

What if I don't want to commit to a program?

Then you don't have to. The Program is not designed to lock you into care that is not a good fit for you. Here are a few things to know:

  • You can cancel the program at anytime if you are not happy. We will balance your account so you have paid for services rendered and nothing more. I do my best to make sure that we are a good fit before you join the program and that 6 months of care is actually necessary, but sometimes needs and goals change. I understand.

  • All patients must start with a Trial Appointment. This a trial for both of us. This is for you to determine if I am the right doctor for you and to learn a little more about what your care might look like. This is also for me to determine if you are the right patient for me. Qualified patients are those that are ready and willing to commit to working on their health for at least 6 months, who are willing and able to make lifestyle changes, who understand that there are no quick fixes when it comes to health, and who are willing to be open & honest, communicate fully, and prioritize their health.

  • If your case is simple, I may consider a fee for service arrangement. This may be a comprehensive consultation with general recommendations (with or without laboratory assessment) or sporadic visits when you need guidance. Visits cost $200-$450 dollars depending on the service and are 60-120 minutes long.

Do I need to come to your office for visits?

No. I offer online appointments through a secure platform similar to Skype. You will be able to access your treatment plans and supplements online and you can complete many of the labs at home. 


This depends on you. Most people notice results after 4 weeks. Others experience improvements after a few days and some after a few months. Feeling better is not the same thing as healing though. In the beginning, we focus on getting you feeling better by managing your symptoms with natural therapies. Once you have energy, stamina, and motivation, we focus on correcting the underlying issues. This is where the real work and the real healing happens. And this work takes time no matter what. 


I cannot guarantee any results because you are responsible for your health. I can only guarantee that I will work with you to the best of my ability, providing solid recommendations, communicating honestly, and educating you fully. But it is up to you to actually do the work and get the results.

So the real question is not can I guarantee results but can you? Are you committed to changing your health and your life for the better? Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to work? And most importantly, are you willing to communicate honestly and fully. Communication is the foundation for success. If I understand your expectations, worries, fears, disappointments, doubts, hopes, dreams, and goals, I will know which treatment options will be successful for you or which won't. If you can do all that, then without a doubt, we can make an incredible difference in your health together.

What does BioAdaptive Medicine mean?

The name BioAdaptive Medicine represents the principles and philosophy of naturopathic medicine and my unique perspective on health. Disease happens when the body encounters an obstacle that disrupts its normal function. The body is forced to adapt to this obstacle, to change its physiology to accommodate this obstacle. From this perspective, disease is a state of "adaptive physiology" and all we need to do is remove the obstacles so the body can adapt back to a state of health. The name BioAdaptive Medicine embodies this approach to health and honors the body's adaptability, inherent wisdom, and self-healing capabilities.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances which encourage the person's inherent self -healing process. This means that we are primary care doctors that approach health differently and use natural therapeutics 


You are more than just your symptoms. You are more than your disease. You are a person with a unique personality, biochemistry, and genetics, all of which are important when it comes to health. Naturopathic doctors evaluate you as a whole person so that we can figure out the real problem and determine what you really need to heal. 


Naturopathic doctors look beyond the symptoms so that we can focus on health. Symptoms are often just your body's way of telling you something is wrong but they are not the real problem. Symptoms are the fire alarm, not the fire. They tell us that there is a fire, but not where it is, how big it is, and what started it. Our mission is to find the fire, put it out, and learn what started it so we can prevent future fires. To do that, we take a whole health, whole person approach.

What is a naturopathic doctor?

A naturopathic doctor is a licensed primary care doctor in the state of California. We can order lab tests and imaging, diagnose disease, and prescribe some medications. In the state of California, the current prescriptive authority is limited to hormones (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone medications). We are very similar to MDs in our training and scope of practice. We simply have a different approach to disease and treatment.

Do you work with males?

I will consider working with a male on a case by case basis. Please email to inquire about working with me if you identify as male.

I have tailored my practice to working with women because they are the people who I enjoy working with the most and who get the best benefits from working with me.

Do you work with kids?

I will consider working with kids on a case by case basis. Please email to inquire.