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Patient Stories

This is person-centered medicine. At BioAdaptive Medicine, you are not a diagnosis, you are not just another patient, and you most definitely are not a customer. You are a human being with unique needs that require a unique approach. Our mission is to deliver a health care experience that meets your unique needs, so you never walk out of another doctor's appointment feeling unheard, disrespected, and confused. Dr. Carly works incredibly hard to deliver an exceptional experience customized just for you. But don't just take our word for it. See the patient stories below. 


A story of chronic digestive issues

“I have worked with Dr. Carly for about 6 months now after struggling with GI issues for over 10 years. In my searches for health I had seen a variety of primary MDs and specialists only to leave frustrated and in tears with news that ‘nothing is wrong’. After a trip to the ER with severe abdominal distention and kidney pain, endless tests and thousands of dollars later, still without a diagnosis or answers, a nurse told me in private after the ER doctor left: ‘This isn’t normal find someone who will help you’. Thus began my search for someone who could and would see me as a whole person, listen to me and understand that I am not a crazy person with some made up illness, but a ‘tired of being sick and tired’ woman looking for answers and help.

After months of research looking into Naturopathic Doctors literally all over the globe, I found Dr. Carly’s site. What drew me to her was the following: her site is loaded with free educational resources and information. No catch 22’s. She wants her patients to be well educated on their own health and shows by her actions that health should be available to all, not just the wealthy. When I reached out to other Naturopathic doctors, I found that sometimes receptionists didn’t even know nor could they explain what the doctors services were. Or there was a huge fee that was required just for a consult, or very little information was provided on the websites or the information that was provided was outdated, or it took forever to hear back from them, sort of implying that I wasn’t important enough to respond to in a timely manner.

Dr. Carly is different. She values continuing education, which you can tell by the information that she provides on her site. She is kind, down to earth and compassionate. She takes her patients and her practice very seriously and seems to invest a huge amount of time on my behalf. She is thorough but willing to work with patients to meet their financial situations. I live in central NY and although a great distance from Dr. Carly, chose her because of her transparency, knowledge, philosophy, dedication and personality.

She spends time with me through email and our video conferences and I never feel rushed or hurried. She listens to me when I ask questions and answers them with full explanation. I feel like I can bring information that I have read about to her and she listens and discusses research with me so I better understand my own health and wellness as well as the information that is floating out there and why/why not it is/isn’t true or reliable.

She makes me feel heard and valued and important. I have felt so alone in my wellness journey until now. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a doctor who cares about me and wants to see me healthy again. I trust her. I feel safe with her, which is such a relief and was such a process. Initially, after all of the negative health care experiences I have had, I didn’t trust anyone and I bombarded her with questions and emails, which she listened to and read and answered again and again.

I am so grateful for and to her. I have told her more than once that she is like an angel, a miracle. That is the only word I have in comparison. She’s there when I feel like giving up, because the recovery to health is a process, not a fairytale-instant-wish-come-true. Dr. Carly is teaching me, probably most importantly, through her care and practice, how to take charge of my own health and well being. I am so grateful and I hope that others can find her and have the benefit of her in their lives.
— Patient

A story of hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances

“I just can’t say enough great things about Dr. Carly. I’ve struggled for the last 10 years with hypothyroidism, constantly going to my MD to figure out why I feel so lousy when I’m taking levothyroxine. Only to have him tell me that I need antidepressants. Which I’ve tried before with no success. I’m so happy I found Dr. Carly. She has gotten to the bottom of my health issues. My family is so happy to see me feeling like my old self. My energy is increasing and my friends tell me that I look like I’m glowing and that my eyes look clearer. Dr. Carly truly cares for her patients. I feel so lucky to have her as my doctor.
— Patient

Two stories of Hashimoto's

“I have been seeing Dr. Carly for 3 months now and I am so fortunate to have found her. I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 5 months earlier and was frustrated with the lack of treatment knowledge from my primary MD and the endocrinologist she sent me to. Dr. Carly offers a trial appointment to see if you are both compatible. From the first meeting I was very comfortable with her. She is very intelligent, knowledgeable, responsive and really cares about the well being of her patients. In just the short time I have been seeing her, my symptoms have improved greatly. Following the protocols she recommends are easy as you have access to your treatment plan any time you need it and for me, healing naturally makes the most sense. I trust Dr. Carly’s judgment and advice implicitly. Thanks you for being a great doctor!
— Patient
“Dr. Carly has been a huge blessing to my eight year old daughter. She started seeing Dr. Carly in November 2017 and it didn’t take long for people to notice the positive changes in her. My daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease affecting her thyroid. Dr. Carly knew exactly what to do to get her on the road to health. Her MD didn’t have much advice for us, other than just wait for her symptoms to get worse and then put her on meds. That didn’t sit well with me at all. Dr. Carly had us make some changes in her diet and added in a couple supplements. Dr. Carly did a fabulous job finding kid friendly supplements that my daughter took without a fight, and she’s a picky one! Just three months into Dr Carly’s protocol our Pediatrician was amazed when her test antibodies went down 200 points. We seriously couldn’t be happier with Dr. Carly. She is so kind and approachable. She really cares about her patients.
— Patient's mother