New Patient Orientation

Accessing Your Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan is available in your patient portal (OutSmart) at the end of the day of your appointment. Watch the video for more information. 


Ordering Supplements

Prescribed supplements are available for purchase through the online dispensary, Fullscript. Watch the video to learn more.


Communication between visits

I use Spruce Health as my HIPAA-compliant communications system. This includes phone, text, email, and video visits. You can download the app for secure messaging and video visits. Please call/text/email me to let me know if you want to download the app. I recommend this option if you primarily email from your phone. Otherwise, you can email me from your inbox at Please do not email once you are a patient. In Spruce Health, I am able to organize all our communication (calls, texts, emails) in one place, which makes it easier for me to keep track of your case updates. Spruce Health also has better security than my account. But keep in mind, if you are emailing from your email account or texting me, that is not considered a secure method of communication by HIPAA and you do so at your own risk. Watch the video to understand how your calls, texts, and emails will be handled and to understand the limitations of email communication. 


Scheduling Appointments

You can schedule your follow up appointments using the OutSmart Online Scheduler, which you can access through the Patient Dashboard. Appointments can be scheduled online 18+ hours in advance. You can cancel appointment 48+ hours in advance through your patient portal. Call/text/email to manage appointments outside those timeframes.


Accessing the Health Library

You can access the health library through the Patient Dashboard. All trainings are password protected. The password changes 2-3 times a year. The current password is in the Initial Evaluation follow up email. The password will also be in your treatment plan when I assign you a training. You are free to browse the health library or wait until I assign specific trainings. When I change the password, you will be notified with the new password by email.


Working with Dr. Carly

This video covers an assortment of topics about working with me such as communication style, accountability, expectations about your healing journey, and more. These are incredibly important topics to make sure you have the best experience with me.