Online Appointments

Online appointments eliminate a lot of hassle associated with doctor's appointments. In a nutshell, online appointments save you time, money, and frustration. You can seamlessly transition from your daily schedule to your appointment. Once your appointment is done, you can pick up your life right where you left off whether you are at home, work, or traveling. 

Advantages of Online appointments

  • Appointments fit seamlessly into your schedule
  • No more driving and no more traffic, saving you time and gas money
  • No more germ infested waiting rooms
  • No more juggling your appointments with your travel schedule - do your appointment from across the globe
  • No more taking time off work - have an appointment on your lunch break

Frequently Asked Questions

how does it work?

I use, a platform similar to Skype for the video calls. But this platform is specifically designed for doctors with extra security to protect confidentiality. All you need is a computer, laptop, or mobile device with a built-in camera and microphone, and internet access. I will provide you with a link to access the site. When you get there, all you have to do is enter your name and wait for me to connect. No accounts or passwords required. It is that simple. 

How is working online different than seeing you in person?

There are technical and legal differences. First of all, if I haven't seen you in person first, then I technically won't be your doctor. I will be a consultant and I will be giving you advice and recommendations, not treatment plans and prescriptions. Also, since I can't perform a physical exam, I legally can't diagnose you. And depending on your state, I may not be able to order labs for you. But honestly? This doesn't affect the level of care I provide. I can listen, communicate, teach and use my brain just as well online as in person. Sometimes, we will have to work with other doctors for the labs and physical exam but it is rarely a problem.

will I have to get supplements on my own?

No. I have an online dispensary of physician-grade supplements through Fullscript. If we decide to add supplements to your treatment plan, I will write a prescription through Fullscript. You will receive an email from Fullscript to complete the order and the supplements will be mailed to you. But you are never required to buy through me. I do, however, recommend that you stick with the prescribed brands. I only prescribe supplements from companies that I know and trust. I can't vouch for the quality and efficacy of other brands.

how will i fill out the intake paperwork and get my treatment plan?

Everything is paperless and online. When you schedule an appointment, you will receive an email inviting you to set up your Patient Portal with SmartND. You will electronically fill out your intake form through your Patient Portal. After your appointment, you will have access to your treatment plan and handouts through your Patient Portal as well.