4 Ways to Heal Faster While Taking Fewer Supplements

In the current health care model, we have all be trained to take a pill for an ill. And most of us apply that mindset in alternative health care. We just switch our pills from drugs to supplements.


Health will never, ever be found at the bottom of a bottle. Think about it. If healing disease was as simple as taking a supplement, we would all be in amazing health. But we are not.

ost of us choose our supplements based on seductive marketing messages that make us believe that feeling amazing just requires swallowing a pill. But do those supplements ever live up to their promises? No.

Supplements are only effective when applied in the context of YOUR physiology.

For example, let's you suffer from fatigue. And you want more energy. So you go to your local health food store and tell the sales person that you want more energy. So they give you a B vitamin supplement that claims to improve energy. It sounds good to you so you buy it and start taking it every day. Maybe you thought it helped at first, but now you realize it hasn't helped at all. Why is that? Because you have fatigue not from a B vitamin deficiency but from a combination of suboptimal iron levels, chronic dehydration, low thyroid function, and HPA axis dysfunction. A B vitamin supplement will not fix all that.

So maybe now you understand that you need to be more strategic when choosing your supplements. Not only will this save you money and time, but it will also help you to feel better faster. Here are 5 ways to heal faster while taking fewer supplements.

Get the right lab testing

First step is to figure out your physiology which can be quickly done with functional lab testing. Reversing disease and healing your body is like climbing a mountain. Would you want to climb a mountain without a path to follow? I wouldn't.

Functional lab testing provides a map, a path of least resistance to reverse disease and heal your body. Without this map, you may just stumble around and never make it to the top.

This is a common pattern I see among my patients. The people who decline lab testing take at least 6 months longer to heal and waste a lot more money on supplements that are not effective. 

So I highly recommend getting functional lab testing to figure out your physiology so you can determine the most effective supplements for you.

Work with the right health practitioner

These days, there are so many different health care practitioners to choose from. And not all are created equal. 

Here are some important attributes to look for:

  • Education. This matters. You want to make sure that your practitioner is trained in biochemistry, physiology, pathology, nutrition, and other holistic therapies. And weekend seminars do not count as proper education for these topics.
  • The ability to order labs and interpret labs. 
  • Long appointment times with thorough history taking. Good history taking has the power to reduce necessary labs and supplements.
  • Compatibility. You want to make sure that your practitioner is a good fit. You want to feel heard and understood.

This list may seem like a tall order. But I will help you out. Licensed naturopathic doctors will fit the bill perfectly most of the time. Other doctors or practitioners may meet these requirements, but they will have to have completed a lot more training outside of their standard education.

Change your lifestyle

If you don't live your life in a way that supports how your body works, supplements will not matter. If you want to be healthy and feel amazing, you have to do the basics. Sleep, nutrition, movement, stress management, and deep breathing are a good place to start before you ever pick up a bottle. 

Optimize your digestion

Get the most out of your food by optimizing your digestion. Set aside time to eat all of your meals without distraction. Make sure to chew your food to mush before swallowing. And consider using betaine HCl, digestive enzymes or bitters to enhance digestion.


I'm Dr. Carly and my mission is to create a health revolution. I believe that another prescription is not the answer. I believe in using natural therapies that go beyond the symptoms. And I believe that doctors should spend way more than 7 minutes with a patient.