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Adrenal Fatigue is a Myth

Adrenal fatigue is a term used to describe a collection of symptoms that results from low functioning adrenal glands. Symptoms may include difficulty getting out of bed, low energy, sweet cravings, and difficulty falling asleep. Adrenal fatigue is a result of elevated and prolonged stress. The idea is that your adrenal glands get overtaxed and are unable to make adrenal hormones. This is a myth. Instead, we need to explore the HPA axis to explain these symptoms. 

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A Little Known Tip to Reduce Stress

When we think about stress, most of us think about our job, our foot long to-do list, and money. These are the monuments to stress that cast a shadow across our lives. They are ever present and we are acutely, even painfully, aware of them. But what about the small things that slip under our stress radar? The criticism we received at work, the person who cut us off in traffic, or the glib, yet hurtful comment from our partner. While these are seemingly insignificant, they build up and add to our stress load. And most of us have no idea about how to handle this stress. Well, here is the answer. We need to practice forgiveness.

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