A Spring Cleanse for the Body, Mind, and Soul

The flowers blooming in my yard make it official. Spring has sprung. The earth is waking, the creatures are stirring, and the plants are blossoming. It is a time of rebirth after the dead of winter. Every year, we see dramatic changes in the natural world in response to the changes in the earth's orbit. These changes, these cycles, these phases are fundamental, natural, and instinctual for life. But how is the orbit of the earth affecting us as human beings? Do we experience the same cycles and phases that the plants and animals do? Absolutely.

Most of us are so disconnected from our bodies and the earth that we miss these cycles and phases in our life and our health. But just because our minds aren't paying attention doesn't mean our bodies are not. The changing of the seasons impacts our hormones and our neurotransmitters. In non-science words, this means the changing of the seasons impacts our metabolism and our mood. And this happens whether we are aware of it or not.

To best serve our health and our body, we need to start paying attention. So let's embrace and celebrate the changing of the seasons. Let's do a spring cleanse for our body, mind, and soul.

Spring Cleanse

Dietary detox

A great way to cleanse our body is to do a dietary detox or a cleanse. There are many different types of cleanses and detoxes, but the most effective are the simplest. Honestly, you don't need a bunch of supplements or nutrition shakes to "detox" your body. All you need to do is strategically use food to drastically shift your physiology. I have put together my favorite protocol as an affordable online program to guide people through a simple, yet powerful, 10 day detox. Click the button to learn more.

Creative Rebirth

As I stated before, spring is a time of rebirth. It is a time of creation. So what do you want to create to celebrate this season? Has there been some idea lurking in the back of your mind that you want to bring into the light? Do you want to start a new business, take up painting again, or try your hand at pottery? Maybe you want to try a new look. Get a new haircut and a few new outfits. Or maybe you are finally ready to start dating again. Or maybe it is time to create new life. 

In order to celebrate this season and embrace the changes in our body, set an intention to create something. It can big, small, simple, or complicated. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are honoring the creative atmosphere of the season. Don't be afraid to create a ritual here or to involve other people. It may seem silly but rituals give us meaning and connection. We fundamentally crave meaning and connection as human beings and rituals can feed this longing and bring us joy.

Reconnect with the Earth

As it turns out, our bodies crave connection with the earth. When we tune in with the earth and nature, our health improves. All we need to do is walk barefoot, which is also known as earthing. Seems a little out there, but this is actually well studied. The research shows that earthing decreases inflammation, improves sleep, decreases pain, and decreases stress. I recommend spending 15 minutes a day or more walking barefoot.

Do you have a spring ritual? I would love to hear about it! Share it in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article please share it on social media. Use the link on the bottom on the screen to share. Be sure to never miss any health tips by signing up to have them delivered weekly to your inbox. Click the link in the footer of the page. 


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