3 Secrets for Naturally Beautiful Skin

We all want clear, glowing skin. In fact, we want it so much that we spend billions of dollars every year on beauty products. But do these products ever deliver on that promise of beautiful skin? Personally, I am always disappointed with the results when I just slather on creams. But what if there was a way to improve our skin naturally? And what if you didn't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a small pot of skin cream with ingredients you can't even pronounce? Wouldn't that be great?

Well, here's the secret: the most important factor for the health our skin is what is going inside our bodies. Most of the time, what we put on our skin doesn't really matter. You see, the main job of the skin is to function as an organ of elimination. Just like in our daily lives, our bodies also generate garbage. Instead of a garbage man, our bodies use certain organs to package and ship off the garbage. But, when we are generating too much garbage and these organs are overwhelmed, our skin will pick up the slack. Which generally does not look pretty. But with a few changes to our routine, we can fundamentally change the health of  our skin.  

Here are some natural skin care tips to glow from the inside out:

1.  Water, water and more water.

Most skin care routines look like this: wash, tone, moisturize. But if you really want to moisture your skin, this is the routine to follow: drink water, drink water, drink water. Not only does hydrating our body moisture our skin, but it also flushes the garbage out through the kidneys, instead of the skin. 

2.  Sweat it out!

Sweating is a great way to flush the skin of any cellular garbage that has accumulated. It is basically a deep cleanse for the skin, washing it from the inside out. Any activity that makes you sweat is great, but I personally love the sauna or hot yoga to get a deep sweat. But don't forget tip #1! And make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new activity.

3. add a splash of cold water.

Boost circulation to your skin by ending your cleansing routine with a splash of cold water. Increasing blood flow to the skin not only helps to deliver necessary nutrients to your skin, but it also cleanses the skin from the inside by carrying away any garbage that has accumulated. This is also great to do in the shower to give your whole body a nice glow!




I'm Dr. Carly and my mission is to create a health revolution. I believe that another prescription is not the answer. I believe in using natural therapies that go beyond the symptoms. And I believe that doctors should spend way more than 7 minutes with a patient.