Leptin Diet Meal Plan

Leptin Diet Meal Plan


Overcome leptin resistance to lose weight and keep it off

28 day program

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Is this you?

  • You have tried every diet out there and your weight won’t budge.

  • You continue to gain weight, even though you are restricting your calories.

  • You are frustrated and exhausted by this endless struggle.

  • You have tried all the programs & pills and you all the exercises classes, but nothing works long term.

If this sounds like you, you may have leptin resistance. Leptin is an important hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism. Issues with leptin signaling can disrupt your biochemistry causing continued weight gain.

To learn more about leptin resistance, read this article. You will learn all about leptin, the signs of leptin resistance, and how to diagnose leptin resistance. Be sure to get tested first. Once you know you have leptin resistance and you are ready to work on the nutrition guidelines, then buy this meal plan. I don't want you spending your time and money with this meal plan unless we know it will work for you. 

This meal plan cuts out all the hassle and all the work of following a strict nutrition protocol. All you have to do is shop and eat. No agonizing about what you will eat for dinner, no second guessing yourself on your grocery purchases, and no wondering if you are doing this right, and no need to do the nutrition calculations. 


  • Complete nutrition guidelines for the leptin diet
  • 28 days of delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinner all planned out
  • Easy-to-follow recipes for all the meals
  • A grocery list to make shopping for the entire week a breeze

This meal plan is designed for 1 person, so it is easy to modify to accommodate more people.

Note: contains meat, fish, eggs, nightshades, nuts, and minimal dairy. Not suitable for vegetarians/vegans. Gluten free. No refunds.