Initial Evaluation

The first step to begin your journey towards better health is the initial evaluation. This is a 60 minute comprehensive health assessment for adults (40 minutes for children). This is a time for you to share your story, explore your health goals, and finally be heard by your doctor. Our goal is to look beyond your symptoms to uncover the real cause of your complaints so we can figure out what you need to feel better than ever. 


  • A discussion of your goals and expectations so that I can best meet your needs
  • An in depth discussion of your current health complaints to uncover the root cause
  • An exploration of your past medical history to better understand your current health
  • A discussion of your family medical history to identify your potential genetic risks
  • A comprehensive assessment of organ function to identify the underlying factors of your complaints
  • A physical examination as indicated (in office appointments only)
  • A discussion of my assessment of your health (without the medical jargon)
  • A discussion of your customized treatment plan which may include diagnostic laboratory testing, a customized nutrition protocol, a customized supplement protocol, and customized lifestyle recommendations 

Price: $175-$275

After you complete your Initial Evaluation, you will be eligible to enroll in a membership. Membership is designed for people who require frequent follow up and support. If your case is relatively simple and does not require frequent follow up, we will determine a more appropriate course for your continued care.

If you're interested in working with me, the next step is to schedule an Introductory Consultation. This is to make sure that we are a good fit before you book your Initial Evaluation. Click the button below to learn more.