Thyroid Health

The most mismanaged conditions in medicine are thyroid disorders. Why? Doctors don't know how to properly test for thyroid conditions. Doctors often misdiagnose thyroid conditions. And doctors commonly use the incorrect treatment.

But not at BioAdaptive Medicine.

The most common issue with the thyroid gland is underproduction of thyroid hormones, called hypothyroidism. And the most common cause of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune attack on the thyroid called Hashimoto's.

Signs of hypothyroidism

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Weight Gain

  • Constipation

  • Feeling Cold

  • Brain Fog

  • Dry Skin

  • Hair Loss

  • Brittle Nails

  • Weakness

  • Muscle Cramps

  • Arthritis

  • Stiffness & Joint Pain

  • Heavy Menstrual Periods

  • Infertility

Lab Testing

If you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, we will order a comprehensive thyroid panel to get the correct diagnosis. The panel will include:

  • TSH

  • Free T4

  • Free T3

  • Reverse T3

  • Anti-TPO

  • Anti-TG

If you have a thyroid disorder, we will not miss it. Most other doctors only use TSH to screen for thyroid disorders and they also use an outdated reference range so they incorrectly interpret your result. This means that even if your doctor told you that your thyroid is fine, chances are it isn't.

Integrative Endocrinology

At BioAdaptive Medicine, we don't just treat thyroid disorders with synthetic thyroid hormone. We will often use medications as a temporary bandaid to get your feeling better, but we work to identify why your thyroid is dysfunctional. Do you have nutrient deficiencies? Do you have chemicals in your body disrupting your thyroid? Is this an autoimmune attack? Is the autoimmune attack provoked by gut infections, parasites, SIBO, food sensitivities, or chronic viral infections? Do you have other hormonal imbalances interfering with your thyroid such as adrenal dysfunction or estrogen dominance? 

We do a comprehensive evaluation to identify the problem and determine a targeted natural treatment. Medication may be a temporary part of your treatment protocol, but we will work to restore your health so you don't have to be on medication for the rest of your life. For medications, we typically start with a natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) medication such as WP Thyroid. We will work with your body to identify the best medication, whether that is natural, synthetic, compounded, or combination T4/T3 therapy.

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Dr. Carly Polland