Autoimmune Disease

You’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Your doctors have told you that your condition is incurable. That it will only get worse with time and there is nothing you can do. You can only take strong medications that have a lot of side effects.

But you know there has to be something that you can do. Something natural that doesn't have all the side effects. Something that will actually fix the problem and not just treat your symptoms and suppress your immune system.  

You are right. At BioAdaptive Medicine we use an integrative & holistic model of autoimmunity to go beyond your symptoms and heal your body. 

The goals of treating autoimmunity:

  • Identify the underlying triggers for your autoimmune condition.

  • Design a natural remedy plan that eliminates your triggers, balances your immune system, and reduces inflammation.

  • Reduce or eliminate your symptoms so that you can live medication free and restore your quality of life.

  • Design a long-term dietary and lifestyle regimen to make sure your symptoms don’t return so you can enjoy a happier & healthier life.

Who is this approach for?

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease

  • Anyone who has a family history of autoimmune disease and wishes to reduce their risk of autoimmunity

  • Anyone who has a known genetic predisposition for autoimmunity and wishes to reduce their risk

Laboratory Testing

The laboratory testing will help us identify your underlying autoimmune triggers and assess your gut health, cellular health, and hormonal health. Labs to consider in autoimmunity are:

  • Organic Acids Test to assess mitochondrial function, microbial overgrowths, nutritional imbalances, oxidative stress, neurotransmitters levels and more

  • IgG Food Allergy Test to identify your reactive foods

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis to identify digestive insufficiencies, bacteria, fungus, or parasites that may be modulating the immune system and causing inflammation

  • SIBO Breath Test to identify bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, a common trigger of autoimmunity

  • Metals Hair Test to identify heavy metal exposure

  • Toxic Organic Chemical Profile to screen for the presence of 172 different toxic chemicals including organophosphate pesticides, phthalates, benzene, xylene, vinyl chloride, pyrethroid insecticides, acrylamide, perchlorate, diphenyl phosphate, ethylene oxide, acrylonitrile, and more

  • Glyphosate Test to screen for exposure to this common and toxic herbicide

  • Vitamin D Test

  • Micronutrient Test to identify nutritional deficiencies contributing to autoimmunity

  • Phospholipase A2 Activity to assess inflammation levels

  • Adrenal Hormone Test to evaluate cortisol levels and adrenal function

  • Comprehensive Antibody Testing to identify specific autoimmunity

  • and more!

Years ago, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and prescribed medications that just made me feel worse. My doctor kept prescribing medications to manage the side effects of the other medications and I had enough. Luckily, I found Dr. Carly. She figured out which foods were contributing to my inflammation right away. Just making those small changes in my diet made a world of difference. I no longer need medications for my pain. I can sleep through the night and I can do yoga again!
— Autoimmune Patient

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Dr. Carly Polland