BioAdaptive Medicine is the future of health care. It is a blend of modern science, ancient wisdom, and my unique perspective. I use natural therapies and traditional healing methods with an advanced understanding of physiology, biochemistry, and genetics in order to restore vibrant health. With BioAdaptive Medicine, we are putting the “health” back in health care, together. Are you ready to seize health?
— Dr. Carly Polland, ND

What is BioAdaptive Medicine?

The name BioAdaptive Medicine represents the principles and philosophy of naturopathic medicine and my unique perspective on health. Disease happens when the body encounters an obstacle that disrupts its normal function. The body is forced to adapt to this obstacle, to change its physiology to accommodate this obstacle. From this perspective, disease is a state of "adaptive physiology" and all we need to do is remove the obstacles so the body can adapt back to a state of health. The name BioAdaptive Medicine embodies this approach to health and honors the body's adaptability, inherent wisdom, and self-healing capabilities.


The BioAdaptive Medicine Approach


You are more than just your symptoms. You are more than your disease. You are a person with a unique personality, biochemistry, and genetics, all of which are important when it comes to health. At BioAdaptive Medicine, I evaluate you as a whole person so that we can figure out the real problem and determine what you really need to heal. 


At BioAdaptive Medicine, I look beyond the symptoms so that we can focus on health. Symptoms are often just your body's way of telling you something is wrong but they are not the real problem. Symptoms are the fire alarm, not the fire. They tell us that there is a fire, but not where it is, how big it is, and what started it. Our mission is to find the fire, put it out, and learn what started it so we can prevent future fires. To do that, I take a whole health, whole person approach.


My mission is empower you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to be your own healer. This is your life, your health, and your journey, and I want to show you how to take charge of it. I want to show you how to create vibrant health that lasts a lifetime so you can live free of pain and discomfort without medications.


Natural Therapies

While I am trained in the use of pharmaceuticals, I believe in using natural & less invasive treatments as the first line of therapy whenever possible. I also believe in using therapies not to suppress symptoms, but to fix the underlying problem and help the body heal. The following are some examples of natural therapies that I commonly uses with my patients. 

Personalized Nutrition, Supplements, Nutrients, BioAdaptive Medicine

Nutrition & Nutraceuticals

With an advanced understanding of biochemistry, physiology, and genetics, I will provide you with customized nutrition recommendations to fit your health and your lifestyle. I will also identify your vitamin and mineral deficiencies and use targeted supplementation to restore cellular health.

Botanical medicine, herbal medicine, plant stem cell extracts, gemmotherapy, BioAdaptive Medicine

Botanical Medicine & plant Stem Cell Extracts

As the basis of many pharmaceuticals, plants can be very powerful medicine. I will show you how to harness the power of plant medicine in your everyday life so you can restore your health and prevent disease. I also have advanced training in the use of plant stem cell extracts, which are a very potent form of plant medicine that have profound physical and energetic effects on the body.

Homeopathy, flower essences, cells salts, biotherapeutic drainage, rubimed, BioAdaptive Medicine

Homeopathy, Flower Essences, cell Salts & More

I use specialized energetic medicines to stimulate healing gently and naturally on the physical and emotional level. Biotherapeutic Drainage is a form of combination homeopathy that I use for the elimination of toxins at the cellular level. I use Rubimed remedies and flower essences to stimulate emotional healing and create profound shifts in mood & energy. Cell salts are homeopathic doses of minerals that enhance cellular function.

Mind-body medicine, stress management, BioAdaptive Medicine

Mind Body Medicine & Stress management

When it comes to our health, stress is a silent killer. It is a root cause of many different diseases and it severely diminishes our quality of life. I work with all my patients to develop customized stress management strategies using counseling, mediation, visualization, deep breathing exercises, and more.

Advanced Craniosacral Therapy

advanced craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on form of bodywork that releases restrictions in the body. Our body has natural rhythms and movements from the cerebral spinal fluid to the bones, which can easily get out of alignment, creating restrictions in the body. These restrictions can lead to headaches & migraines, neck pain, back pain, other joint pain, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and more. CST can release these restrictions to restore function to the body. A primary focus of advanced CST is to improve the function of the central nervous system by releasing restrictions caused by negative emotional experiences. This has a profound impact on mental & emotional well-being. Negative emotional experiences can change the way our nervous system works, which means that these experiences affect not only how we experience life, but also our organ function and our health. Using the advanced CST technique of SomatoEmotional Release, we can release these negative emotional experiences from our body to live happier & healthier lives. Read this blog post to learn more about CST.


Common Conditions Treated

Adrenal dysfunction

Are you experiencing chronic stress? Do you never have enough energy, have trouble sleeping, and experience a lot of brain fog? Do you always feel like you are getting sick? Then you're adrenal glands need some support!

Autoimmune disease

If you have Hashimoto's, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or another autoimmune disease, we can rebalance your immune system so you can get back to living.

digestive disorders

Do you have gas, bloating, acid reflux, or constipation? Or have you been diagnosed with IBS? Or are you wondering if you have SIBO or leaky gut? Well, we can get to the bottom of your digestive issues and devise a natural plan to heal and repair your gut so you can live symptom free.

Mental Health

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, or bipolar disorder and looking for solutions beyond pharmaceuticals? Or maybe you aren't sure what is wrong but you're unhappy and struggling. Using gentle and natural therapies, we can resolve your struggles and get you feeling like yourself again.

Women's Health

Whether you have PMS, irregular menses, menopausal symptoms, or fertility issues, we have natural solutions to support you through all the stages of life. I specialize in hormone balancing without using hormone therapy. 

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Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Functional Laboratory Testing, food allergy testing, micronutrient testing, organic acid testing, stool testing, hormone testing, adrenal testing, inflammation testing, telomere testing, BioAdaptive Medicine

In addition to common blood tests, I use a number of specialized tests to help us better understand your physiology and the root cause of your problems.

  • Adrenal stress profile
  • Advanced inflammation testing
  • Comprehensive hormone panels
  • Food allergy testing
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Micronutrient testing
  • Neurotransmitter testing 
  • Nutrigenomic genetic testing
  • SIBO Breath Test
  • Stool microbial analysis

Meet Dr. Carly Polland, ND

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor who is on a mission to create a health revolution. I believe healthcare should actually be about health and not reacting to symptoms. I believe that another prescription is not the answer. I believe that doctors should spend way more than 7 minutes with a patient. And I believe that we can all feel so much better than we do now. 

Dr. Carly Polland, ND, Naturopathic Doctor, BioAdaptive Medicine